Kadesh 2014

Kadesh 1: June 8-14
Kadesh 2: June 22-28
Kadesh 3: July 6-12

*Each session is open to campers who will be entering 10th, 11th and 12th grade and college freshmen in the fall of 2014.

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Scripture describes us as broken people living in a broken world. The American dream, healthy habits, hard work, financial success, popularity, therapy, and on and on and on…have not fixed and cannot fix our problems. Our problems are personal, familial, individual and communal. We need help. We need a NEW WAY. We need real change, not just a political slogan. The Bible says that we have followed the ways of this world and its evil leader. He has deceived us and taken us captive and this way leads to certain death. There is a way that leads to life, but to find that way and live in it we need more than an adjustment. Everything must change. We need a REVOLUTION.

Kadesh? I think I’ve heard that before….

In Numbers 13-14, the account of Moses sending men to scout out the “promised land” is found. The Israelites were given a mixed report by the scouts. Mostly, the scouts expressed fear and doubt about taking the land promised to them. However, two of the scouts (Joshua and Caleb), trusted God and expressed confidence in God and told of the bounty they had seen. The Israelites had a decision to make…take the land that God had promised or shrink back as faithless cowards.

At Kadesh, we acknowledge that God has made some promises to us, just like He did the Israelites. Many people around you already try to convince you that God can’t or won’t live up to His promises. At Kadesh, we trust God and ask Him to reveal Himself in ways that give us the courage to live bold lives like Joshua and Caleb…confident of God and willing to step out in faith!

Kadesh Life Camp is designed for high school students and mentoring adult leaders to experience faith with their heads and their hearts. We study…we learn…and we experience. The entire Kadesh community is challenged to deeper faith through small group discussions, service experiences, special events, and powerful times of worship.

Kadesh focuses on a major theme from Scripture as students participate in small group discussions. The goal is to experience God’s love as we come to understand and embrace His will for our every day lives.