Each camper, staff member and volunteer is responsible for reading and honoring the policies of ACU Leadership Camps.  Any camper, staff member or volunteer who fails to honor the policies of ACU Leadership Camps will be subject to dismissal from the camp community.

As a community of character, Abilene Christian University seeks to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.  Through ACU Leadership Camps, ACU extends that educational process to pre-university students.  Participation in ACU Leadership Camps is participation in a rich community of faith, guided by expectations of Christian character. This influences the way we treat one another and conduct ourselves as individuals and groups both on and off the campus.

General Policies:

  • Follow the leadership of the Camp Director and designated camp staff members.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner that contributes to the unity, compassion, and safety of each member of the camp community. Safe behavior is expected of all campers and staff. Any camper or staff member who presents a risk to themselves or others within the camp community may be dismissed from camp at the discretion of the Director.  No pranks or practical jokes endangering others will be tolerated.
  • Acknowledge and follow the camp schedule, participating in all planned activities. Campers and staff should not wander off on their own, but should remain in scheduled activities at all times.

Specific Policies:

  • Attendance & Cancellations
    • All campers are required to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of registration. This deposit allows us to make reservations for summer housing, food service and hire summer staff.  Each camper may cancel their registration by the Monday prior to the start of their camp session and receive a refund for any additional paid funds. Campers who fail to attend camp or do not give notice of their cancellation by that day will forfeit all paid funds.
    • In addition, for all camps, campers may only attend 1 session of the age-eligible camp.
  • Photo-Video
    • As a participant, campers may be photographed or filmed during normal activities by a member of the ACU Leadership Camps media team. These photos/videos may be used without compensation in promotional materials or other publications including the camp website (www.acucamps.com) to illustrate and promote the camp experience and its’ programs.
    • All camp photos and final camp video are available in our media package. You may purchase this media package at the time of your registration.
  • Acknowledge and honor the ACU dress code in daily choices of attire.
    • Our camp facility, Abilene Christian University, has an expectation of modest attire for all staff, students and community. As a camp we honor that policy. Please read the details that apply to our camps:
      • Dress should be modest. These items are not acceptable: halter tops, tank tops, bare midriffs, and revealing skirts and shorts.
      • Clothing with inappropriate advertising, pictures, and/or sayings that are contrary to the mission and Christian standards of ACU is prohibited.
      • Campers, staff, and volunteers may be asked to wear “covering clothing” if these dress code standards are not met.
  • Secure and protect personal property.
    • ACU Leadership Camps is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Two campers to a room
    • Our camper housing at ACU Leadership Camps is in university residence hall rooms. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and closet space for two residents. We place campers two to a room, with a specific roommate if both request one another, or with someone of a similar age in the same camp if no roommate is requested.  We do not place more than 2 campers to a room for safety purposes (including mattresses on the floor).
  • Contacting your Camper
    • Campers are involved in camp activities all day long. Here are some ways you can have connections with your over-night camper while at camp:
      • Mail: Campers (especially the younger ones!) love receiving mail from home. It makes them feel special, yet does not distract them from any camp activities. We deliver camper mail each evening of the camp session. Address letters or packages to:
        • [Camper Name]
          [Camp Session]
          ACU Leadership Camps
          ACU Box 28108
          Abilene, TX 79699
      • One-way Email Service: This low-cost service allows you to send an email to your camper each day that will be printed in the Camp Office and delivered with the daily mail. This service can be purchased during the registration process. Once purchased, follow the instructions below:
        • Login to your account at acucamps.com
        • Select View Itineraries
        • Select the camper you would like to send a letter to
        • Select Send Emails
      • Bucket of Fun: A bucket filled with goodies and snacks serves as a great mid-week pick me up for your camper. This special surprise can be purchased during the registration process. Buckets will be delivered Tuesday of each camp session with the daily mail. You may purchase a Bucket of Fun online up until 2 days prior of your child’s camp session beginning or at check-in.
  • Cell Phone Policy
    • Our cell phone policy is simple to understand: NO CELL PHONES (this includes any electronic devices that would distract a camper from the camp setting.)
    • The heart behind our policy is to help our campers as well as staff be free from distraction and allow them to bond with one another as quickly as possible during their week of camp. If campers bring electronic devices to camp to make and receive phone calls, play games and use applications, they become a distraction from camp activities and end up having a negative effect on the camp environment. If your camper intends to use their device to access the Bible, we would ask that you provide them with a hard copy before they arrive at camp. If a Bible cannot be provided, we will do our best to supply the camper with one free of charge.
    • Please know, camper safety is our first priority. If a family emergency requires a parent to reach their camper, they will be able to do that by contacting our office at the numbers listed below. Likewise, in the event of any type of emergency at camp, physical or otherwise, parents and/or guardians will be contacted promptly.
      • Camp Office, 8am-5pm each weekday: 325.674.2033. Calls after hours will be forwarded to an on-call staff member. If for any reason your phone call is not answered, please leave a message and you receive a phone call as soon as possible.
    • We will ask all Youth Ministers or Volunteers who bring campers to camp to collect all such devices and return them at the end of the week. We ask that our parents please help us enforce this policy. If you are personally dropping your camper at camp, PLEASE take their device(s) with you. If a device is discovered by any staff or adult volunteer, it will be collected and stored in the Camp Office until the end of the camper’s session.
  • Visitors during camp sessions
    • For the protection of our campers, we operate each ACU Camps session as a “closed campus”. Non-camp visitors are not allowed in the campers’ residence halls or at any camp activities  (including group leaders, parents, siblings, friends or other family members). In the event of an emergency, parents requesting access to visit a camper should contact the Camp Office.
  • Possession of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other controlled substances is prohibited.
    • Any staff, volunteer or camper who violates this policy is subject to immediate dismissal from the camp community.
  • Motor vehicles
    • Only designated adult staff members will operate vehicles during camp sessions.  Campers who drive themselves to camp will be asked to register their vehicle, turn in their keys to their counselor, and refrain from driving for the duration of the camp session.