A Principle-Driven Camp

As a camp community, we pledge to honor these principles:

Principle #1: Authority.

We will acknowledge and submit to our leaders.  We will respect the guidelines off both Leadership Camps and ACU.  In our words and actions we will honor each other and Leadership Camps.

Principle #2: Helpful.

We will actively look for others who are in need of help and seek creative ways to serve.  We will serve with enthusiasm and without complaining.

Principle #3: Hospitality.

We will treat others as welcome guests.  We will operate from a community orientation instead of a self or group orientation.

Principle #4: Integrity.

We will live in a way that is consistent with our identity as obedient children of God.  In words and actions our “yes” will be “yes” and our “no” will be “no.”  We will accept responsibility for our own actions.

Principle #5: Joy.

We will claim the gift of joy and allow that gift to dominate our thoughts and behavior.  We will speak words of encouragement to ourselves and others.

Principle #6: Love.

We will put the needs of others before our own needs.  We will take personal initiative to resolve conflict.  We will communicate and demonstrate appreciation and affection in meaningful and appropriate ways.

Principle #7: Loyalty.

We will honor commitments.  We will be faithful to ACU, Leadership Camps and one another.  We will not criticize each other, ACU or Leadership Camps publicly.  We will keep confidences.

Principle #8: Respect.

We show esteem for our leaders and each other.  We will show appreciation for furniture, equipment, buildings, vehicles and grounds.  In speech and actions, we will be considerate of other groups and individuals using the ACU campus as well as all those who work at ACU.

Principle #9: Responsibility.

We will prepare for and complete all assigned tasks.  This will require us to be active listeners who follow instructions well.  We will start on time, finish on time and be tenaciously creative when problem-solving.   We will not be afraid to ask for help.

Principle #10: Safety/Security.

We will be where we are supposed to be at the appropriate times and guard our actions.  We will seek help for any sick or injured among us.  We will secure our belongings as instructed.  We will avoid horseplay or other risky behaviors.